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Hello / Γεία / Olá / Bonjour

I’m Andreas, a passionate tech product innovator & engineer specialized in web & mobile platforms. I love building tech consumer products based on innovative, robust and beautifully designed solutions; building ingenious products users love to use.

I’ve got extensive experience in software engineering, IT infrastructure & security and tech product management; and I’m excited about the application of disruptive technology, efficient system design and security.

I’m also a CompEng graduate, bookworm, forever student, entrepreneurial spirit, melomaniac & ocean addict. 

I currently run a small tech company called CodePeople, where I built and launch tech consumer products but also help organizations around the globe solve complex business problems through simple yet effective bespoke tech solutions.

When I’m not building tech solutions, I’m busy inspiring and guiding people in tech on how to get started or advance in their careers through our amazing CodePeople online community. If you’re looking for guidance on how to best navigate your career in tech I’d be happy to help!

The remaining of my spare time, when I’m not hanging out with family and friends, I love travelling and learning about new cultures, listening to great music, going scuba and free diving, and enjoying the ocean.

Ongoing Projects


Building a platform for travel creators to easily turn their adventures into personalized storefronts, curated travel product offerings and businesses.


An online community that inspires people in tech to learn and grow together; to date reached over 50M unique visitors, 91M views with more than 150,000 social followers.

Previous Projects


Built an innovative Instagram caption editor/notepad app for android with embedded hashtags finder to increase audience reach for over 2,000 users.


Build an innovative AI-powered social mobile application for android to connect people nearby for any activity at any time.

Dine Venues

Built a real-time restaurant finder mobile application for android, combining Google Places API and Zomato data to instantly provide info from restaurants nearby or in specific locations.